Sunday, 10 October 2010

Oh it's an egg.

Watch it, tell me what you thought it was at first.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Walking Dead.

Felt like posting this as it's the show I'm looking forward to most this season.

It looks amazing.
Its got some great names attached to it as well.

90 minute premiere on AMC Oct 31st.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It has begun.

Originally Posted by New York Times:
Since the start of the year, a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University — supported by grants from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Google, and tapping into a research supercomputing cluster provided by Yahoo — has been fine-tuning a computer system that is trying to master semantics by learning more like a human. Its beating hardware heart is a sleek, silver-gray computer — calculating 24 hours a day, seven days a week — that resides in a basement computer center at the university, in Pittsburgh. The computer was primed by the researchers with some basic knowledge in various categories and set loose on the Web with a mission to teach itself.

“For all the advances in computer science, we still don’t have a computer that can learn as humans do, cumulatively, over the long term,” said the team’s leader, Tom M. Mitchell, a computer scientist and chairman of the machine learning department.

The Never-Ending Language Learning system, or NELL, has made an impressive showing so far.
NELL scans hundreds of millions of Web pages for text patterns that it uses to learn facts, 390,000 to date, with an estimated accuracy of 87 percent. These facts are grouped into semantic categories — cities, companies, sports teams, actors, universities, plants and 274 others. The category facts are things like “San Francisco is a city” and “sunflower is a plant.”

NELL also learns facts that are relations between members of two categories. For example, Peyton Manning is a football player (category). The Indianapolis Colts is a football team (category). By scanning text patterns, NELL can infer with a high probability that Peyton Manning plays for the Indianapolis Colts — even if it has never read that Mr. Manning plays for the Colts. “Plays for” is a relation, and there are 280 kinds of relations. The number of categories and relations has more than doubled since earlier this year, and will steadily expand.

The learned facts are continuously added to NELL’s growing database, which the researchers call a “knowledge base.” A larger pool of facts, Dr. Mitchell says, will help refine NELL’s learning algorithms so that it finds facts on the Web more accurately and more efficiently over time.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer beta

Here's some footage of the Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta that is currently happening presented by the brilliant people over at

It looks like it could be pretty solid and entertaining if they managed to do it right, so far things are looking up.

A good song by Kanye

Kanye West - "Lost In The World" by Thisis50

Now i'm not usually a fan Kanye songs but this one's really good and features samples from Bon Iver's "Woods".


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt


So I watched the first episode of Gainax's new T.V series, here are the thoughts that ran through my head

Cartoon network

Yeah the animation style is the first thing that struck me, a definite departure from what I'm used to seeing in an anime series. It certainly reminds me of shows you'd expect to see on cartoon network just without all the adult themes.

More thoughts to come later (because I'm lazy).

Steam calculator

Steam my overlord, I love you this much

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